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“Beating a child is a crime” Award-winning Author, Reno Omokri reveals. Causes reactions

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“Beating a toddler is against the law” Award-winning Creator, Reno Omokri reveals. Causes reactions Mp3 Obtain Tune

Nigerian award-winning writer and politician, Reno Omokri have opined that beating a toddler is against the law and shouldnt be condoned as a barrier to disciplining a toddler.

He felt to oppose the idea connected to the Nigerian dad and mom reminiscences that states that beating a toddler when she or he goes the mistaken means is the most effective ordeal to convey them again to the suitable observe and detailed his cause.

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Writing by way of his social media deal with, he vowed that such a system even makes issues worst.

He wrote:

“Beating kids is against the law in all of the Scandinavian nations. But, Scandinavia has the worlds lowest crime charge. In case your assertion was right, they must be the world headquarters for yahoo and Italy women!

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