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Reactions as woman poses with ailing husband, sends it to her fiance as a signal to incoming freedom Mp3 Download Song

The police department has opened a heated investigation over the status of the yet-to-be-disclosed Nigerian who posed happily with her ailing husband.

This crime spanked after the disturbing photograph the suspected woman has sent to her boyfriend went viral.

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No source has explained how it got leaked but it was believed that the woman who had hand in her husband’s ailment took the photograph and sent it to her boyfriend as a key thriller to the incoming freedom they are about to dine into.

In the photograph, the woman was spotted unbothered and filled with bliss as her husband was in the toll of death and life.

The Police Department is yet to notify the public mass with the result of their newly launched investigation as we hope to explore the real story.

Several civilians have shown concern and heavily lambasted the woman via their grief on all social media platforms.
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