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“Stay away from our bond” Girlfriend issues a stern warning to her man for envying her bond with male bestie Mp3 Download Song

An undisclosed Nigerian man has lamented his astonishment after his newly bonded fiance deterred from his view of choice to her male bestie.

This was shared with the public mass through a screenshot chat between him and the his nerved fiance.


In the chat that has gone viral, the young man who was not pleased with the bond her new girlfriend developed with her male bestie shunned her to spilt from the bond.

Instead of compromising with his plea, the young lady in a tantrum clarified that she will never let go of the union she has developed with her bestie.

She further cautioned her lover to keep outreach with her bonds which astonished the young man resulting in an absolute reaction from Nigerians

See their chat below;

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