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“This is true love” Nigerians react as they spot Lady feeding her mentally unstable lover Mp3 Download Song

A Nigerian Lady has caught public attention after she was spotted sheltering and feeding a mentally challenged man who she identified as her lover.

The unidentified girl who disclosed that she and the mentally challenged man pledged a love bond that embodied ‘Till death do us apart’ before his situation sparked divulged that she is not giving up on their vow.

Screenshot 20221208 1655553

In the video that has gone viral, she was spotted feeding a mentally disturbed man. Astonishingly the mentally disturbed victim identified as her fiance recognised her and wasn’t scornful of her approach. They were both spotted laughing together.

Captioning the video, she professed that she still love the mentally challenged man despite his awful situation.

Her words:

“We swear to ourselves that only death can separate us so I can’t leave him alone. No matter your situation, I still love you”

Nigerians showed their concern via all the social media platforms deploying both negative and positive utterances.
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