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“Why I will never contest for presidency again” – Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan Mp3 Download Song

Former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan Ebele has disclosed publicly that he will never contest for the office of presidency again.

He made this vow to express his grief on how Nigerians voted him out after just serving one term during his era.

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This was shared with the public through a book titled, ‘My Time As Chaplain In Aso Rock,” written by Nathaniel Bivan and presented to the public on Tuesday.

Astonishingly, he vowed that he enjoyed the dramas he experienced during his term and would never want to experience such again in his lifetime.

His words:

“I was enjoying the drama. At least they are not insulting me. After all, I was pursued out of the office that I was not good enough. So, if now, Nigerians are saying, ‘Oh, this man should come,’ that means they are cleaning me up. So, let me enjoy the drama.”

“If you wake up tomorrow and see that I’m President again, that means there may have been circumstances beyond my control. But not to go and pick one form and go and start lobbying people and running for campaigns, be it PDP power or APC broom and moving across Nigeria. I can’t do that again; if I do that, I will diminish myself.”

The popular Terrorist group identified as Boko Haram operated and attacked civilians vastly during Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency.
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